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Panchakarma Treatments


Abhyanga (Full body massage)            60min          £45

Otherwise known as Uzhichil, abhyanga is full body massage with Ayurvedic medicated oils with specific focus on "marma points" or vital points. Regular abhyanga help improve circulation, increased muscle tone and strength, enhances skin complexion, helps mental relaxation and reduce anxiety/stress and improve general immunity by detoxifying the body.


Back massage or local massage            30min           £30

This therapeutic massage treatment is beneficial for those suffering from localised pain or tightness in the back area such as lumber or cervical spondylitis, lumbago, frozen shoulder, disc prolapse, lumber stenosis etc. Medicated herbal Ayurvedic oils are used during the treatment that promote tissue healing and relieve pain and tension.  The treatment is usually followed by Ayurvedic steam therapy or Kati Vasti (oil pooling) that help enhance the results.


Siro Abhyanga (Indian Head Massage)      30min            £30

This involves head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage with Ayurvedic medicated herbal oil which nourishes the scalp, relax the mind and to release tension in the head, neck and upper back area. Siro Abhyanga helps alleviate anxiety/stress or minor mental health problems, promotes good sleep, it has an overall effect on the central nervous system and helps with chronic headache disorders such as cluster headaches, migraine etc.


Kizhi (Hot herbal bag massage)                   45min             £40

Also known as Pinda Sweda, Kizhi is a herbal bag or poultice massage where herbal powders or herbal leaves are applied to the whole body or a local body part. The herbal leaves or powders tied into a bag which is then dipped into warm medicated oils applied to the body- usually after a massage. Kizhi is used in many musculoskeletal disorders such as osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical/lumber spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, slipped discs etc. Regular use of Kizhi helps with reducing pain, joint stiffness, joint swelling, tingling and numbness etc symptoms.


Kati Vasti (Oil Pooling)                                  45min             £45

A ring of wheat or gram flour is made on the lumbo-sacral area and warm Ayurvedic oil is poured into it. This alleviates the pain and strengthen the lumbo-sacral region. Kati Vasti is usually recommended in sciatica, lumber/spinal stenosis, hip/knee arthritis etc.

Local version of this popular treatments- such as janu vasti (on knees), hriday vasti (on chest), siro vasti (on head) etc are also carried out according to the diagnosis and severity.


Janu Vasti                                                     45min            £45

Janu Vasti or the knee oil pooling, a procedure similar to Kati Vasti,  is a specialist treatment for knee osteo-arthritis, knee pain and swelling, patellar problems, rehabilitation post menisceal injury, post traumatic knee arthritis, sports knee injury and  rheumatoid arthritis. 


Greeva vasti                                                 45min             £45

Greeva vasti or neck oil pooling is a specialised Ayurvedic treatment for various neck problems. Greeva vasti helps with pain and stiffness in the neck, cervical spondylitis, sore neck muscles, radiating pain in hands and arms, shoulder pain and stiffness, headache and giddiness, upper back and scapular pain, whiplash injury, post traumatic neck pain, sports neck injury and degenerative arthritic disorders.


Hriday vasti                                                   45min            £45

Hriday vasti refers to Hriday i.e. heart or chest and vasti i.e. container. A procedure similar to Kati, Janu or Greeva vasti, Hriday Vasti is a very effective treatment for various heart, lung and chest diseases. It pacifies the vitiated Vata dosha, nourishes and strengthens the cardiac muscle, regulates cardiac function, improves blood circulation and breathing. Hriday vasti is recommended in chronic heart failures, a non-invasive way of cardiac rehabilitation after myocardiac infarctions or heart attcks, heart-lung diseases, asthma and respiratory system problems and hypertension.


Siro Dhara (oil poured on forehead)             60min             £60

It is a very effective treatment where warm medicated Ayurvedic oil is poured over the head for a specific time, followed by an Indian head massage. Shirodhara is proven to help treat chronic insomnia, alleviate stress and anxiety, also helps with minor mental health problems such as depression etc. Shirodhara is also known to help patients with hypertension, migraine, cluster/tension headaches etc.


Nasyam                                                        30min               £30

In Nasyam, drops of warm medicated oil or ghee are instilled through nostrils following a head and face massage. Nasya has been known to benefit in sinusitis, chronic cold, vasomotor and allergic chronic rhinitis, hay fever, allergies, asthma and upper respiratory tract infections, insomnia, frozen shoulders, epilepsy, hemiplegia and other illnesses of head and neck region. A regular nasya helps with rejuvenation, grey hair and hair fall and untimely ageing.


Pizhinchil                                                    60min               £75

Pizhinchil is relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating treatment where warm medicated oils are used in a continuous stream over the whole body (exclusing head and neck) for a definitive period of time. Pizhinchil has shown to be immensely useful in degenerative osteo-arthritis, paralysis, post hemiplegic rehabiliatation, some forms of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is known to improve muscle strength and tone.


Njavarakizhi                                                75min               £80

A whole body massge treatment using medicated milk rice porridge tied into a bundle. The bundle is then dipped into warm decoctions and applied all over the body. The treatment involves using a special Njavara rice paste and is found to be very effective in low back pain, sciatica, osteo-arthritis with stiffness and spasticity, cervical spondylitis and myelopathy, lumber spondylitis and stenosis, muscular weakness, paralysis and dystrophy.


Udwarthanam                                           75min                £80

A deep, dry and stimulating massage using special Ayurvedic herbal powders. Udwarthanam helps with reducing body fats, cellulites, blood cholesterol, obesity, diabetes mellitus and improves skin tone, texture and complexion.


Pichu                                                        45min                £45

It is a simple yet very effective treatment that involves soaking cotton pads in medicated Ayurvedic herbal oils and applying on the affected part of the body for a definitive period of time. It is recommended for a quick relief from cervical and lumber spondylitis, low back and neck pain, osteoarthitis with pain and swelling.

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