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Massage in London: Ayurveda treatments that matter!

Ayurvedic spa massage typically makes use of the goodness of the 5,000-year-old principles of Ayurveda, also called the science of life. The techniques and treatments are designed to create harmony in one’s mind, body, and soul. It allows the body to heal itself. A typical massage spa near me is also referred to as an oil massage, since it incorporates warm herb essential oils and time-honored strokes for one’s well-being.

How is Ayurvedic massage different from normal full-body massage?

Use of Ayurvedic oils: According to Ayurveda, five elements constitute all living things. These include air, fire, space, earth, and water. These elements are considered the basic building blocks of life. They combine to create mind-body principles, termed doshas: vata (air and space), kapha (earth and water), and pitta (fire and water). Thus, Ayurvedic full body massage near me practices balancing the doshas for one’s physical and emotional well-being. During an Ayurvedic spa massage, organic oils are blended with traditional Ayurvedic herbs to usher in relaxation and detoxification.

Energy and intention: Ayurveda is all about clearing the energy channels of the body, dislodging the toxins, getting rid of the toxins, and balancing the chakras a.k.a. The energy centers of the body. On the other hand, when it comes to normal body massages, they are more about one’s core anatomy and physiology.

Specific movements: The style of the Ayurvedic full body massage depends on one’s individual requirements. It includes tapping, kneading, squeezing, and traditional massage strokes. The approach heightens blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and loosens the body, an ideal way to treat muscle spasms.

Common types of Ayurvedic spa massage

Abhyanga (Full body massage)            60min          £45

Abhyanga (full body massage) is also known as Uzhichil and includes massage with warm oil. It is a popular form of Ayurvedic massage that focuses on the marma points (vital points) of the body. The massage helps in improving blood circulation, heightens muscle strength, enhances skin complexion, reduces anxiety, and improves overall immunity.


Back massage or local massage            30min           £30

Ayurvedic back massage therapy near me is great for people suffering from localized pain or some form of tightness in the back. So, through Ayurvedic back massage you can get relief from frozen shoulder, lumber stenosis, cervical spondylitis, and more. Back massage is usually followed by Kati Vasti to further enhance the effectiveness.


Siro Abhyanga (Indian Head Massage)      30min            £30

The word Shiro Abhyanga is a combination of two words: ‘Shiro’ meaning ‘head’ and ‘Abhyanga’ meaning ‘massage’. It is geared for the head, scalp, neck, and shoulders. This Indian head massage makes use of a medicated herbal oil - one that nourishes the scalp and relaxes the mind. It alleviates stress and promotes good sleep. Shiro Abhyanga is also great at treating migraine and cluster headaches.


Kizhi (Hot herbal bag massage)                   45min             £40

Also known as Pinda Sweda, the massage uses a herbal bag containing herbal powders, herbs, and sand or rice, dipped in warm medicated oils. Kizhi is particularly used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, slipped discs, osteoarthritis, lumber spondylitis, and more. Kizhi lowers pain, joint stiffness, numbness or tingling sensations, joining swelling, and other similar problems.


Kati Vasti (Oil Pooling)                                  45min             £45

It is a special kind of lumbar therapy, where the word ‘Kati’ stands for ‘lower back’, and ‘Vasti’ stands for ‘something retaining inside’. So, Kati Vasti is a rejuvenation therapy that uses herbal anecdotes and hot oil to alleviate pain and strengthen the lumbosacral region.


Janu Vasti                                                     45min            £45

It is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment where medicated oil is pooled in a compartment over the knee joint or at the site of injury and inflammation. This is not any ordinary form of massage in London, but a specific Ayurvedic treatment for ligament tear, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and more.

Greeva vasti                                                 45min             £45

Greeva Vasti or neck oil pooling is an Ayurvedic treatment designed to solve common neck problems. So, the treatment is best suited for solving issues like stiffness in the neck, radiating pain in hands and arms, headache and giddiness, post-traumatic neck pain, sore neck muscles, cervical spondylitis, and even degenerative arthritic disorders.

Hriday vasti                                                   45min            £45

Hriday vasti refers to Hriday i.e. heart or chest and vasti i.e. container. A procedure similar to Kati, Janu or Greeva vasti, Hriday Vasti is a very effective treatment for various heart, lung and chest diseases. It pacifies the vitiated Vata dosha, nourishes and strengthens the cardiac muscle, regulates cardiac function, improves blood circulation and breathing. Hriday vasti is recommended in chronic heart failures, a non-invasive way of cardiac rehabilitation after myocardiac infarctions or heart attcks, heart-lung diseases, asthma and respiratory system problems and hypertension.


Siro Dhara (oil poured on forehead)             60min             £60

It is a classic Ayurvedic therapy, which involves the practice of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil on the forehead. According to experts, the treatment induces a relaxed state of awareness and brings in a psychosomatic balance. Our clients who’ve opted for Shirodhara have shown heightened feelings of wellness and mental lucidity.

Nasyam                                                        30min               £30

Tired of the same full-body massage? Here’s an Ayurvedic therapy that purifies the nasal passages, thereby eliminating headaches, sinus issues, and even migraine. In Nasyam, small drops of warm medicated oil are introduced into the nostrils. It helps in addressing upper respiratory tract infections, epilepsy, insomnia, hemiplegia, and more.


Pizhinchil                                                    60min               £75

Pizhinchil is relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating treatment where warm medicated oils are used in a continuous stream over the whole body (exclusing head and neck) for a definitive period of time. Pizhinchil has shown to be immensely useful in degenerative osteo-arthritis, paralysis, post hemiplegic rehabiliatation, some forms of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is known to improve muscle strength and tone.


Njavarakizhi                                                75min               £80

A whole body massge treatment using medicated milk rice porridge tied into a bundle. The bundle is then dipped into warm decoctions and applied all over the body. The treatment involves using a special Njavara rice paste and is found to be very effective in low back pain, sciatica, osteo-arthritis with stiffness and spasticity, cervical spondylitis and myelopathy, lumber spondylitis and stenosis, muscular weakness, paralysis and dystrophy.


Udwarthanam                                           75min                £80

A deep, dry and stimulating massage using special Ayurvedic herbal powders. Udwarthanam helps with reducing body fats, cellulites, blood cholesterol, obesity, diabetes mellitus and improves skin tone, texture and complexion.


Pichu                                                        45min                £45

It is an effective Ayurvedic treatment, where cotton pads are soaked in Ayurvedic herbal oils and applied to the body. It is great for treating body pains and brings about quick relief. It is thus highly recommended for people suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylitis, neck pain, low back pain, or something similar.

To know more about how we at Pranava Ayurveda can help you with any of the above treatments, feel free to get in touch. Ours is the perfect place for all things Ayurveda.

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