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Your body type or Prakriti

By now we clearly understand that there are three Doshas or principal energies governing the universe. These Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Now let’s try and understand the various body types from an Ayurvedic perspective. Ayurveda believes that there could be seven different body types based on the concentration and predominance of the Doshas. These body types are:

1. Vata Constitution

2. Pitta Constitution

3. Kapha Constitution

4. Vata-Pitta Constitution

5. Vata-Kapha Constitution

6. Pitta-Kapha Constitution

7. And Vata-Pitta-Kapha or Tridoshic Constitution.

We need to understand that each and every person will have all the three principal energies or Doshas, but the body constitution or Prakriti is determined based on the predominant Dosha.

For example: A Vata body type will also have Pitta and Kapha Doshas, but Vata is what governs the personality traits, characteristics, behavior, actions and even diseases for that particular individual since it’s his/her predominant Dosha. Likewise for other Prakritis or body types.

Let’s briefly understand the characteristics or traits of an individual based on the predominant Dosha:

1. When Vata is predominant:

Since Vata is the energy of movement and dynamism, a Vata-predominant individual will be very active, agile and mobile. Vata body types are considered to be quick learners and creative, but could get fickle-minded if their Vata goes out of balance. We will discuss the Vata body type in detail in our next post.

2. When Pitta is predominant:

Since Pitta is the energy of transformation or Fire, Pitta body types are dynamic and action-oriented. They believe in getting things done, and are very ambitious, determined and focused. They are usually very intelligent and can grasp things very easily. With an intense Fire element, they are fiery, aggressive and could get pushy at times. More about the Pitta body type will follow as we go along.

3. When Kapha is predominant:

Kapha being the combination of Earth and Water, individuals of this body type are very grounded, stable and dependable. Since Kapha is the energy of binding, these people are very closely connected to their family and friends, are very realistic in life and are generally loving and caring. When out of balance, the Kapha body types could get obsessive and overly possessive. More on the Kapha body type later, as we go along.

4. Vata-Pitta predominance:

These body types will have the predominance of both Vata and Pitta Doshas and will exhibit both the Air & Space and Fire qualities.

5. Vata-Kapha predominance:

These body types will display the qualities of both Vata and Kapha, i.e. Air & Space and Earth & Water.

6. Pitta-Kapha predominance:

These body types will exhibit the qualities of both Pitta and Kapha, or Fire and Earth & Water qualities.

7. Vata-Pitta-Kapha or Tridoshic body type:

This is considered to be the rarest of all body types, where the individual will display all the qualities of all the three Doshas in equal amounts. Ayurveda believes that those with a Tridoshic body type have the strongest immunity and have a strong resistance against diseases.


Pranava Prakriti Parikshan (Body Type Test)





It is difficult for me to lose weight.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I thrive on change : I love new things, people, and places.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I become inpatient when others are slow or disorganized.

 Yes     No    Maybe


When I'm under stress, I tend to become anxious or worried.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have a medium build with a well developed physique (not slim, not stout).

 Yes     No    Maybe


I dream a lot during sleep.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I can be best described as thin. I find it difficult to gain weight.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My skin is dry.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I don't have to be on a regular routine.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I get angry quite easily, but then I quickly calm down.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I often feel quite lethargic and apathetic and even depressed.

 Yes     No    Maybe


When I want something, I am very determined in my efforts to get it.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My friends describe me as affectionate and loving.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I don't tolerate disagreements as I should be.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My moods change rapidly.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I tend to be quite critical of others and also of myself.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I can eat a lot, my appetite is good and my digestion is strong.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I dislike being out in the sun for too long.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I can easily skip a meal without discomfort. I don't get upset if a meal is delayed.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have difficulty falling asleep, or have light, interrupted sleep.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I eat slowly. I also tend to do most things slowly and methodically.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have moles, freckles, or acne problems.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I am little slow at learning new things but once I learn I can recall and remember them well for long time.

 Yes     No    Maybe


(for women) My hair is thin and silky. My hair is blond, sandy or red.

(For men) I have an early appearance of baldness or graying.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I am generally tolerant, patient, and less likely to get irritated.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I tend to have flatulence and/or constipation.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have a slim physique; I don't put on weight easily.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I tend to be orderly and perfectionist.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I usually walk quickly.


 Yes     No    Maybe


I feel uncomfortable and get tired easily in hot weather.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My feet and hands get cold easily.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have a high level of physical strength and stamina.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I have always learned quickly, but I also forget easily.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I consider myself to be very efficient.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I'm a good communicator, and I can talk quite a lot.

 Yes     No    Maybe


Some people think I am stubborn, pushy, and opinionated.

 Yes     No    Maybe


I become uncomfortable if I have to miss a meal or get it late.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My skin is naturally soft, smooth and oily.

 Yes     No    Maybe


My mind is very active, sometimes restless but also very imaginative.

 Yes     No    Maybe





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