Problem – De Quervain’s Syndrome

Treatment – Choorna Pinda Sweda

Name of Medical Problem: De Quervain’s Syndrome

Ayurveda Term: Manibandh Sandhigata Vata

Background and Description:

A 60-year-old retired British gentleman came with chronic pain in the wrists and hands since about a year previously. He was seen in the NHS and was diagnosed as having De Quervain’s syndrome which made moving his wrists painful, particularly in the morning. He underwent a series of physiotherapy treatments and was advised to have corrective hand surgery to get rid of the pain.

Signs and Symptoms:

Pain in the wrists– +++ (8-9/10 on VAS)

Swelling + no redness

Tenderness on right wrist below the right thumb area

Finkelstein’s test- positive at right thumb joint

Tingling and numbness in the right wrist and right arm

Wrist Movements: on right wrist restricted and painful on flexion, abduction, extension and adduction

Ayurveda Treatments:

The treatment approach for this patient included a combination of internal and external treatments.

Internal Treatment:

  1. Nirgundi Ghana- 2 tablets twice a day after meals.
  2. Maharasnadi Kashay Ghana Vati– 2 tablets with warm water twice a day

External Treatments:

  1. Local massage with Kottamchukkadi Thailam and with Choorna Pinda Sweda (Ayurvedic hot bag massage) x 10 sessions
  2. Local Upanaha (hot herbal paste application)- 10 sessions


The pain started improving from the 1st session itself.  The swelling got markedly reduced by 3rd session and completely gone by 5th session. The range of movements came to normal by 6th session and by 10th session the patient was completely cured. Patient was given a series of yoga postures and diet plan to follow in order to maintain the wrist health.