Karna poorana is a specialized Ayurvedic therapy used to treat various ailments like Karna Rogas i.e. Ear disorders such as Badhirya (deafness), Hanugraha (locked jaw), Manygrahaa (temporomandibular joint TMJ pain) etc.

“Karna” means ear and “Poorana” means “that which dropping”. Karna Poorana is a procedure in which the specified medicated oil is dropped into the ear for a stipulated period. It is done by one qualified therapist to the specific area with the help of medicated oil systematically prescribed by an Ayurvedic consultant.


  • The therapeutic action of Karnapoorana depends on
  • The pharmacological Action of the selected medicine.
  • The snehana (oleation) effect.
  • The swedana (sudation) effect.
  • Absorption of Drug

Before Karnapoorana, Abhyanga is specifically done in Murdha Pradesh which causes vasodilatation in the skin and muscles by stimulating receptors of the sympathetic nervous system. Vasodilatation increases blood flow and helps to remove the toxic products.

Swedana helps to dissolve Shleshma. It makes the channels soft, by which Vatadi Doshas and other contents can flow through in their normal directions. It increases the secretion of vitiated Shleshma through the channel. So, due to Ushna Guna of Swedana, Kapha Dosha gets liquefied. When lukewarm oil enters the Shabdavaha Srotas, a network of Srotas carries the Taila towards the desired sites and cleanses the channel. By the Shodhana property of its ingredients, probably it removes the Ama at the cellular level and pacifies the vitiated Vata and Kapha Dosha

Due to Stroto Shodhana and Vata Kapha Shamana, Avarana and Sanga of Vata & Kapha Dosha are removed and nutrition is brought to the respective sites.

Instilled medicine in-ear canal gets absorbed by skin lining external auditory meatus and tympanic membrane and reaches systemic blood flow, according to Ayurveda drugs get absorbed by Bhrajaka Pitta present in the skin and shows its effects on the body and local tissue.

The patient is asked to do chewing movements to facilitate more drug absorption. The drug instilled in form of alienation, urine oil, ghee, etc. is used Luke warm it helps in relieving inflammation thus it reduces ear ache, and by the counter effect of heat, it also relieves the pain of nearby structures like mandible or neck. As medicine for Karnapoorana is made by the Snehapaka method all fat-soluble active ingredients of the drug get enclosed. The fat-soluble active principle can be easy as simulated through nerve endings.


  • Badhirya (hearing loss)
  • Hanugraha
  • Karnashoola (ear pain)
  • Manyashoola (neck pain)
  • Hanushoola (jaw pain)