Problem – Hemiparesis or Stroke

Treatment – Sarvanga Dhara

Name of Medical Problem: Hemiparesis or Stroke

Ayurveda Term: Pakshaghat

Background and Description:

A 48-year-old Sri Lankan man from Hertfordshire came to us after having stroke 6 months previously. He suffered a brain haemorrhage causing him right-sided weakness (hemiparesis, paralysis, or stroke). He was admitted to the local NHS hospital and underwent treatment for a stroke from which he recovered partially and was advised to continue with physiotherapy in the community. Even after 6 months, he still had a lot of weakness on the right side, slurred speech, and other complications. He came to us to seek alternative treatment for his paralysis.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Right-sided weakness- ++
  • Power in right arm and leg- 3/5
  • Right wrist drop, stiffness ++ in right legs and calves and arm
  • Slurred speech
  • Cognition, orientation- normal
  • Blood pressure- normal, Sr cholesterol- normal

Ayurveda Treatments:

The treatment approach for this patient included a combination of internal and external treatments.

Internal Treatment:

  1. Pranava Ayurveda Pakshaghat Choorna: 1 teaspoonful with ghee and honey, 2 x times a day
  2. Dhanadanayanadi Kashaya: 20ml + 60ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  3. Dashamoolarishta: 15ml + 45ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  4. Anu Tailam Nasya: 4 drops each nostril, 2 x times a day

External Treatments:

  1. Full Body Massage with Pinda Sweda- 4 sessions
  2. Sarvanga Dhara (Pizhichil) with Dhanwantar Thailam- 10 sessions
  3. Dashmooladi Niruha Basti + Shatavhadi Anuvasan Basti- 16 days


The stiffness in the patient’s legs and arm was completely reduced in 4 sessions with Pinda Sweda. With the Pizhichil sessions, he started to build some power in his affected legs and arms which helped him to move about and do the light exercises we recommended.

After 16 days of Basti, the patient improved significantly, was able to walk with the walking stick, was able to sit and get up on his own, and improved his general quality of life significantly.