Problem – Psoriasis

Treatment – Takradhara

Name of Medical Problem: Psoriasis

Ayurveda Term: Ekakushtha

Background and Description:

A 65-year-old woman came to our clinic with a chronic problem of psoriasis. She was diagnosed with psoriasis 26 years ago. She was treated in the NHS with Methotrexate and other treatments- which only provided temporary relief. After suffering from this problem for years without any long-lasting relief, she wanted to explore if there was any natural and herbal alternative to her problem.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Psoriatic plaques on hands, legs, and back,
  • Itching +++, Auspitz sign- positive
  • No oozing, dry and raised skin lesions
  • PASI Score- 46

Ayurveda Treatments:

The treatment approach for this patient included a combination of internal and external treatments.

Internal Treatment:

  1. Nimbadi Choorna: 1 teaspoonful powder with 1 teaspoon Aragwadha Mahatiktak Ghrita, 2 x times a day with
  2. Patola Katurohinyadi Kashaya: 20ml + 60ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  3. Khadirarishta– 15ml + 45ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  4. Lajjalu Keram– external application

External Treatments:

Panchakarma Treatments:

  1. Virechana with Manibhadra Gulam
  2. Takradhara with Amalaki + Musta Siddha Takra- 14 days
  3. Herbal Bath- 21 days (at home)


Immediately after Virechana, itching, and redness reduced significantly. The plaques’ size and the skin’s excessive dryness also improved significantly. At one month’s follow-up, the itching had almost gone and skin colur and plaques were reduced even further. The patient was able to sleep better as itching did not wake her up.  At 3 months follow up the skin was almost clear, with occasional itching, the discolouration was lightened, skin smooth, moisturised, and exfoliation free.