Problem – Rosacea

Treatment – Nasya

Name of Medical Problem: Rosacea

Ayurveda Term: Rakta and Pitta Dushti

Background and Description:

A 50-year-old woman came to us with a chronic complaint of rosacea. She had been using regular high street skin care products as well as was treated by NHS doctors with no lasting relief.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Rosacea on both the cheeks, forehead, and under the chin
  • No itching, no oozing/ discharge
  • Chronic allergies, Hay fever, nasal blockages
  • Insomnia +, chronic depression
  • Burning sensations in the feet +, thirst, post-menopausal symptoms

Ayurveda Treatments:

The treatment approach for this patient included a combination of internal and external treatments.

Internal Treatment:

  1. Pranava Ayurveda Pittahar Choorna: 1 teaspoonful powder with 1 teaspoon Shatavari Ghrita, 2 x times a day with
  2. Maha Manjishthadi Kashaya: 20ml + 60ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  3. Sarivadyasava– 15ml + 45ml warm water, 2 x times a day after meals
  4. Kumkumadi Thailam– external application

External Treatments:

Panchakarma Treatments:

  1. Virechana with Avipattikar Choorna- 50gm
  2. Nasya with Manjisthadi Thailam- 10 days


Virechana helped significantly with reducing the redness and discolouration of the skin. The spread and size of the lesions reduced a lot. Nasya helped with nasal blockages and allergies which further reduced her frequent hay fever.

The patient was followed up in the clinic for 3 months during which her symptoms were completely absent and was discharged from the clinic.