Problem – Sciatica

Treatment – Choorna Pinda Sweda

Name of Medical Problem: Sciatica

Ayurveda term: Gridhrasi

Background and Description

A 38-year-old cab driver from Bristol came to see us with severe pain in the lower back, pain, and stiffness in the back of the right leg. Unable to walk or stand even for a few minutes, he was brought in a wheelchair by his wife. In the middle of the national pandemic, he was unable to access NHS for his problem which advised him of strong painkillers and physiotherapy over the phone which proved to be less than useful.    

Signs and Symptoms:

Pain: +++ (10/10 on VAS), Stiffness in the right leg and buttock +++, Tingling and numbness in the leg and toes ++

Intermittent muscular cramps in the calf muscles

Movements: severely restricted, typical sciatic gait and limping

Investigations: X-ray and MRI- showed sciatic nerve impingement and L4-L5 disc prolapse.

Ayurveda Treatments:

The treatment approach for this patient included a combination of internal and external treatments

Internal Treatment:

  1. Trayodashang Guggul 2 tablets twice a day along with 20ml Nirgundi Kashaya was given twice a day before meals.
  2. Maharasnadi Kashaya Tablets – 2 tablets with warm water twice a day

External Treatments:

  1. Back massage with Choorna Pinda Sweda ( Ayurvedic hot bag massage  + Kati Vasthi with Murivenna Thailam x 10 days
  2. Basti (Medicated enema) with Dashmool and Nirgundi Kashaya x 8 days


The pain started reducing from the 3rd session and significantly by the 10th session of abhyanga, pinda Sweda + Kati Vasthi. Muscle stiffness was markedly reduced by the 10th session and movements improved so he could walk with a stick by the 10th session. Was advised of 8 days Basti course to further improve the symptoms which gave him complete remission. Advised yoga and exercises and internal medications continued for further 3 months.