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We offer consultations with our Ayurvedic doctors who will carry out thorough medical, health, diet and lifestyle assessments using modern and traditional techniques. Traditional Ayurvedic techniques include  tongue, skin and particularly Pulse Diagnosis or Nadi Pariksha.

First Health Check

This is carried out at your first appointment with us and is free of cost. This is a quick assessment (about 15min) to check if any urgent issues our doctors need to know- such as any allergies to Ayurvedic oils, hypertension or cardiac problems.

Full Consultation   (60min, £30)

This is full and comprehensive assessment that include complete medical history, through medical assessment and Ayurveda assessment including Pulse Diagnosis. Our doctors will also carry out a Prakriti Parikshan (Body Type Test) at this consultation. Patients will be usually given a diagnosis according to Ayurveda (or will be recommended further diagnostic tests, as required) and will be given a Ayurvedic therapy package as well as fully customised diet plan and any medications or food supplements. 

The Full Consultation may last for an hour- depending upon the complexity of the problem.

Follow up consulation (15min, £10)

This is a short consulation to follow up from the initial or full consultation will include a periodic review of the problem and therapy and medication review.

This usually lasts for 15-30mins.

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