Disclaimer: This type of Panchakarma treatment is currently not practiced in the UK in accordance with the regulatory guidance on this treatment. As such, we do NOT offer this treatment in our clinic. The following text is for general information and awareness purposes only. Please contact the clinic for more information or for alternative treatment options.

Ayurvedic detox by cleansing the stomach by inducing vomiting (This treatment is only required if you have aggravated Kapha dosha)

Ayurvedic detox by cleansing the stomach by inducing vomiting

The food that we take, after mixing with saliva in the mouth first settles down in the stomach only. Depending upon the individual digestive fire (Agni ) the food gets assimilated. But when this digestive fire is not active it cannot break the food particles properly and thereby half-digested food always remains in any corner of the lumens of the stomach and gets rotten and slowly transform into toxins.

In Vamana, all these toxins which are accumulated in the stomach and upper part of the body are eliminated by inducing vomiting in a controlled way. Before that body has to be prepared for detox and it includes steps such as:

Step 1: Improving the digestive fire with herbs for a few days
Step 2: Diluting the toxins for easy expulsion through internal lubrication by giving herbal ghee orally for 3, 5, or 7 days, depending on your body constitution type
Step 3: Mobilising the toxins from every corner to one place by a warm herbal oil massage and aromatised steam bath
Step 4: Careful induction of vomiting under the supervision of expert Ayurvedic practitioners
Step 5: Slowly accommodate the body, back to the normal state through diet and lifestyle as suggested by our practitioners.

Who is eligible for Vamana?

Vamana is best suggested for people who have Kapha dosha (the mucous component in the body ) aggravation in the body. It is beneficial –

  • In skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and autoimmune conditions which involve the areas of skin.
  • In metabolic conditions like obesity, thyroid abnormalities, etc
  • In treating infertility conditions
  • Respiratory disorders like asthma, allergies, sinusitis, etc.