Ayurvedic detox by intestinal irrigation with herbal oils/herbal decoctions

The word enema is very much familiar to everyone. But the enema we hear about daily is much different from the Ayurvedic enema I,e VASTI.

What is Vasti?

Vasti is usually of 2 main kinds:-

  • Oil enema (Sneha vasti)
  • Herbal decoction enema  (Kashaya Basti)

Vasti is where herbal oil / herbal decoction is introduced into the body through the anus in a specific lying position.

How does Vasti act on your body?

  • In our body, the intestines have the highest rate of absorption. So when a herbal enema having medicinal properties is given, the intestines absorb the medicinal value of herbs and act systemically in a beneficial way.
  • After entering into the intestinal area, the properties of the enema are beneficial in calming down the imbalanced Vata dosha (air component) of the body.
  • Lubricates the colon lining and makes the environment favourable for survival for good bacteria which ultimately helps in improving the immunity, neutralising the free radicals in the body.

Duration of vasti:  A vasti treatment is usually given depending on the predominance of the doshas in the body, the strength of the person, and the present physical condition of the body, beginning with the oil enema and alternate days of oil enema and herbal decoction enema for 3, 5, 7 or 14 continuous days.

Who can benefit  from Vasti treatment?

  • All the complaints related to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Paralysis, cerebellar ataxia, Motor neuron diseases, etc.
  • Joint-related diseases like Sciatica, Loss of lordosis (curvature of the lumbar spine), joint pains, vertebral disc prolapse, disc bulges, spondylosis (both cervical and lumbar), etc.
  • Mental conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  • Gynaecological conditions like PCOD, irregular periods, prolonged menstruation, PMS, Pre/post-menopausal conditions, Infertility (male and female ), etc.
  • Other general conditions like obesity, hair fall, poor memory, etc.