Ayurvedic detox by cleansing the intestines by inducing purgation (increased bowel movements)

Toxins can be deposited at the level of the intestines also due to improper/irregular bowel movements, poor absorption levels, etc. Detoxifying your body by increasing bowel movements can be done by VIRECHANA.

Virechana is a type of panchakarma where the entire intestines will be cleansed by flushing out the toxins through the bowels. Just like Vamana, even in virechana internal lubrication is done by oral administration of herbal ghee to dilute the toxins depending on the level of digestive fire.

Warm herbal oil massage followed by steam is advised to mobilise entire toxins in one place and then the herb which improves the peristaltic movements of intestines is given to flush out the toxins through the bowels.  Diet and lifestyle guidance will be advised by our expert Ayurvedic doctors to restore a proper digestive fire that prevents further accumulation of toxins.

Who can benefit from Virechana:

Virechana is best advised for whom the pitta dosha (heat factor) in the body is aggravated. It is beneficial in

  • In metabolic conditions like obesity, thyroid (hyper and hypo), hormonal imbalances.
  • In flushing out the impacted stools in chronic constipation condition
  • In pre/post-menopausal syndromes
  • In dermatological conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, etc.