Reproductive health is an adolescent health status both physically and psychologically where people can have a responsible and safer sex life and reproduce and take apt decisions at the right time. The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, reproductive health addresses the reproductive processes, functions, and system at all stages of life”. The global burden of reproductive ill-health rates is nearly 20% for women and 14% for men.

In Ayurveda, reproductive and child health is dealt with under the departments of Swasthavrutta, Prasuthi, Streeroga, Rasayana, and Vajeekarana.

Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic offers you care for your better health with personalized packages through the reproductive health departments in the cases of sexual health, fertility, maternal and child health, delivery, and newborn care. Each person’s needs and demands are different. Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic has all plans and packages that full fill the health needs and outcomes of all populations with assured quality and care in an affordable range. In the new generation, people especially women have overcome the olden thoughts that women are made to nurture children and go on par with their male counterparts in every walks of life. For meeting these they have to tackle health, diet, lifestyle, and family requirements in their everyday life.

Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic works for better reproductive health through basic screening programs with health experts, identification of the problems, and resolving them with apt solutions. Health education forms an important part of this area. Proper knowledge of menstruation, prenatal care, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive tract infections, postnatal health, infertility, and abortion are the utmost essential factors for better reproductive health.

For better reproductive health better sperm and ovum quality is very essential. Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic aims at a better healthy generation through better reproductive health. Life starts when the sperm and the ovum unite together. For their union, there should be structural and functional compatibility. In the Ayurvedic view, the Doshas should be balanced, the pathway should be clear with Anulomana of Vata (Vata in the correct path), and above all, for that the proper quality sperms and ovum there should be high-quality dhatus.

Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic advises following a proper Dinacharya and proper Ritu charya for a healthy body.

This is achieved through the proper Doshas traveling through proper channels called srotas and helping in the formation of proper dhatus. Once the dhatus are formed the transformation process takes place. The food we eat, the deeds we do, and the environment we live in all can affect the formation of the dhatus. For the proper purification of the blood purgation once a month is very essential.

The experts from Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic carefully analyze you and will select the apt drug for purgation and the ghee for the detoxification, Once the detoxification is done one can follow a porridge diet with the herbs on the days of treatment with a vegetable cuisine. The Abhyanga and the Sirodhara calm the nerves, and the Nasya treatment will help in energizing the brain cells, conducting the hormones, and working the pituitary gland. The Uttaravasthi treatment is specially designed for reproductive health care. It is especially done to clear the blocked channels of the reproductive system and for a healthy ovum, for males rejuvenate vasthi can be done after following the detoxification treatments for the formation of healthy sperm.

Ayurvedic Diet in Reproductive Health

The diet has a big role in this. Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic advises following a healthy diet by avoiding fast and junk food because these can cause the production of ama in the body. This aama in turn gets converted as toxins and possess a threat to reproductive health. This aama can strike somewhere in the channels or can circulate throughout the body and can cause impurities in the blood. This can disrupt brain functions, hormone production, and transportation. Maintaining an optimal balance of Doshas Agni or proper functioning of the digestive fire is very essential. Once the Agni is strong the Ojas will be in excellent condition for better reproductive health.

Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic analyses each person’s body constitution and suggests the particular diets to be followed for perfect reproductive health. The balance of Agni and the aama vary in each individual. People with weak Agni can have a weak reproductive system which can affect the health status of the progeny to be born and the post-partum health of the mother. The protection of the Agni through Panchakarma also helps in maintaining a perfect mind and perfect body which are the base for perfect reproductive health.

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