Rosacea is an autoimmune inflammatory response marked by redness on the cheeks and noses fragile blood vessels and pimples often associated with gender and age variations. The causative factors are sunlight and irritants sprays etc. Being an autoimmune response to an abnormality in blood vessels, Ayurveda concentrates treatment on blood purification with special emphasis on Pitta dosha. Medications in the form of decoctions help pacify the Pitta dosha (humour) responsible for exacerbation thus bringing down the symptoms.

Lepa therapy or the external application controls the exacerbation in the localized area giving the skin a shooting effect. After systematic treatment with immunomodulating medicines, external application, and shodhana therapy (purificatory treatment) to avoid relapse. Ayurveda constitutes a promising result of its strategy of bringing back skin conditions to a stable state, where the environmental variations do not affect pathogenesis and relapse of Rosacea in susceptible individuals. Scrupulous cleanliness of mind and body affects skin equally. The individuals have advised a yoga lifestyle with a congenial diet does not exacerbate the symptoms. A good quality sleep coupled with meditation, medicine, food, and a healthy regime for Seasons described in Ayurvedic treaties helps control the seasonal outbreak of symptoms, to a satisfactory level. Doctor-patient rapport and abiding faith in Ayurvedic healing payoff.

Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic Approach on Rosacea

The treatment modalities in Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic for Rosacea include:

Palliative treatment:- palliative treatment includes giving decoctions planned as per the body type, origin, and racial considerations with emphasis on body types explained in Ayurveda. The climate, strength of the patient, digestive fire, and age. Thus a perfect palliative regime with decoctions is continued for a regeneration period of skin.

Lepa treatment:- These are the external treatments done to relieve the symptoms. Ayurveda considers thick external coatings as hot, to the body. Thin coatings are on the other hand cool and pacify rakta ( blood) and pitta (humour) hence thin coatings with drugs that pacify Pitta and blood help control inflammation, itching, and redness providing a golden complexion as described in the treatise are selected by the physician. This cools down the skin and its hyper-response to the environment in mixed etiology.

Oleation therapy:- Oleation therapy aims at detoxifying the body and calming down its autoimmune response from within the body, This occurs as the tolerance of helper t cells to recognize the body’s antigens as safe goes out of order. Oleation medicines penetrate deep inside, into the lymphatics. The antioxidants of medicine have unique antitoxin and free radical scavenging properties the medicines are selected as per the permutations of doshas (humours) computed by the physician. Oleation corrects the deficiencies of the body, which guard the health, it renews the body and its defence mechanism. This leads to a non-occurrence of the disease after treatment. The tolerance of the cells responsible for positive immune response sets in and the patient experiences remission from the disease. The continuous history of curing ailments for thousands of years makes a wise patient select Ayurveda as a way of life thereby experiencing its merits.

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