Chronic pain is a pain symptom that persists for 3 months or longer. It may arise from initial injury but the etiology is often idiopathic without significant cause. Treatment options in modern medicine are usually limited to relieving symptoms and improving mobility due to the reduced flexibility acquired in course of the disease.

How Ayurveda can help?

At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic we offer natural and effective treatments for chronic pain.

According to Ayurveda, chronic pain can be explained by the malfunctioning of Vata dosa (humor) in the body. According to Ayurveda, there cannot be any pain without the aggravation of Vata. The symptoms of the chronic derangement of Vata are therefore similar to the symptoms of chronic pain.

At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic, the treatment regimens aim at total pacification of Vata. This is achieved through Vata pacifying and shodhana (detoxification) treatments.  Applying hot medicated oils to the body help pacify the Vata dosha. Sudation therapies further stimulate the body and can be effective in controlling chronic pain. The medicated powder bolus sudation (Choorna Pinda Sweda), and medicated leaf bolas sudation (Patra Pinda Sweda) can be helpful to further pacify the Vata dosha.

At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic the treatments include:-

Sudation therapy – This includes Pinda Sweda or Podi Kizhi (sudation)  followed by Abhyanga (Hot oil massage. The sudation is of two types: ‘dry’ sudation such as done with sand or powder bolas and ‘wet’ sudation such as done with fresh leaf bolus or with steam. 

Takradhara– Dhara (pouring) medicated buttermilk on the head.

Taila Dhara:- Dhara (pouring) medicated oil on the head.

Sarvanga Dhara– Dhara (pouring) lukewarm liquids such as oil or medicated milk on the whole body. In short, the sudation therapies begin with dry sudation and end with wet sudation bringing in the normal transition of pacifying Vata. Mild purgations and oil enema are the cleansing procedures after unction.

Abhyanga– Hot oil massage sequential in the direction of hairs increases the circulation in muscles. Oils are carefully selected according to the body type. The permutations of pathological imbalances of the humor of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are considered.

Udvartana – Dry powder massage with special powders selected as per the body type of the patient. Here the direction of massages is reverse of the hairs which help liquefies Kapha and fat, gives compactness to the body, and gives provides lymphatic drainage for detoxification. The lymph nodes are crucial junctions for scavenging toxins in the body relieving edema and purifying blood.

Along with this, a carefully selected medication protocol of herbal medicines is also provided to the patient that helps alleviate the pain. The practitioners at Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic advise with a carefully crafted holistic and natural diet plan that help pacifies the Vata system.

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