Lack of sexual desire or response is called frigidity affecting both sexes but it is more common in women.


Anxiety, worries, tiredness, stress, tension, sclerosis, vaginitis, cystitis, diabetes, and relationship conflicts between partners can cause frigidity

Sign and Symptoms

Sexual desire varies from person to person and from time to time. Symptoms like lack of sexual interest leading to lack of enjoyment during sexual activity can be seen in patients suffering from frigidity.

Treatment at Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic

Our highly experienced Ayurveda practitioners will plan the treatment of frigidity after proper assessment of the patient which starts by improving the relationship with the partners. So they can openly talk about their problems, fears, and hopes and try to solve them. Ayurvedic treatment in Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic not only focuses on the Ayurvedic herbal supplement which improves sexual desire but also focuses on the improvement of the physical and emotional health of the patient by making correct changes in their diet and lifestyle. Treatment also focuses on rejuvenation of the body and mind. Panchakarma treatments like herbal oil massage (Abhyanga), pouring of medicated oil over the forehead (Shirodhara), medicated nasal drops (Nasya), and herbal enema (Vasti) are beneficial in the management of frigidity.

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