The urethra is a tube carrying urine from the bladder and throwing it out of the body. Inflammation of the urethra is called urethritis. Bacterial infections which enter the urinary tract cause increased urge associated with pain during urinating. This can occur at any age and females are more prone to get this infection in comparison to males.


Urethritis is commonly caused by bacterial and fungal infections because of sexually transmitted diseases and poor hygiene. It can also occur due to E Coli infection, injury, radiation therapy, stone in the urinary tract, retention of urine, and excessive use of steroids.


Pain, burning sensation, and irritation while passing urine is the main symptom. Symptoms like abdominal pain, frequent urination, abnormal urethra and vaginal discharge in females, or blood discharge in males, and an increase in body temperature may also be seen.

Treatment At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic

At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic our skilled Ayurveda practitioners focus on the management of infection by internal detoxification (Panchakarma) with help of internal ayurvedic supplements, and a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, and treatment therapies like induced purgation (Virechana) or enemas (Basti).

Lifestyle And Diet

A large part of the treatment for Urethritis includes having a proper diet and lifestyle which prevents and cures the ailment. Consumption of adequate quantities of water or juices and avoiding spicy food, alcohol, cold drinks, excess consumption of tea and coffee, and processed carbohydrates are very useful as preventive measures.

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