Hypertension, the cause of hypertension is idiopathic or unknown, this is a one-sentence essay on hypertension up to this moment in medical history.

Secondary hypertension counts renal pathology in etiology. This paves the way for investigating a holistic procedure by which a cure for hypertension becomes a reality or at least the side effects producing drugs can be lowered. In the body, every drug is destroyed in the detoxifying organ liver and we have to perpetually use the drug facing tolerance problems and side effects which if not monitored can be harmful.

Ayurveda as a holistic science considers the human body mind and soul as a complete entity the treatment modalities are selected by experts who study the detailed account of the treatment history of the patient and devise a protocol of treatment to reduce hypertension. The treatment constitutes shodhana therapy which is a purificatory regime with selective drugs and medicines in balance with the habitation of unstoppable drugs. Ayurveda considers the human body as a conglomeration of channels, that is channels ranging from the endoplasmic reticulum at the cellular level to the lymphatic and circulatory system channels at the systemic level .where the dynamic equilibrium of metabolism takes place.

The purificatory therapies in Ayurveda include panchakarma to retain the elasticity of blood vessel channels which contribute to hypertension. These purificatory regimes help to clean up the channels to an optimal level. It upgrades the hormone levels promoting youthfulness and positive energy.

At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic, the treatment modalities under Panchakarma include:

Marma abhyanga

which is massage with special emphasis to increase the vital energy of 108 points in the human body, the effect of which is increased longevity bestowing good eyesight and compaction of skin and connective tissues beneath favoring senile blood pressure due to lack of elasticity of blood vessels.

Udvartana therapy

This includes scientific reverse massage with medicated powders which melts the Kapha that is humour, liquidates the fat, and helps its excretion through the channels of the body as sebum excretions. The dynamic equilibrium achieved excretes the unwanted calories as the oils on the skin and it is toned with health. All this happens when the body has Ojas the supreme balanced state of good health without accumulation of morbidity. Udvartana enhances lymphatic drainage to purify the body by rejuvenation of the immune system.

Takradhara therapy

Treatments like Takahara calm down the nervous system. Medicated buttermilk is created by physicians after computing the constitutional permutations of doshas in imbalance this calms down the central nervous system and balances the homeostatic imbalances of parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems favouring homeostasis resulting in correction of blood pressure.

Mild purgative therapy

Which helps to clean up the morbid bowels and re-establish the intestinal flora with good microbes. A congenial diet regime, yoga therapy with meditation on the other hand tranquilizers the mind, body, and soul, thus calming down the irritant part of epinephrine paving the way for lessening beta-blocker medicines which in young patients cause drug-induced impotency.

The final touch is the scientific dietary regime which categorizes food as Saamana (i.e palliative),  Swastahita (i.e. extremely healthy), and kopana (food that always increases the disease) the patients are given palliative and extremely healthy foods about the heart and circulatory system.

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