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Ayurveda is a unique science that upholds the age-old principles to maintain the physical, mental, and social well-being of human beings. Antiquity of Ayurveda describes diseases and their remedies for every organ in detail in its eight Angas namely Kaya Chikitsa (Internal Medicine), Baala Chikitsa (Pediatrics), Graha Chikitsa (Psychology), Urdhvaanga Chikitsa (Treatment of head and neck diseases, Shalya Chikitsa (Surgery), Damstra Chikitsa (Toxicology), Jara Chikitsa (Geriatric), Vrsha Chikitsa (Aphrodisiac therapy).

Still nowhere Achārya mentions stress as a disease. The simple reason is that stress itself is not a disease, it’s only a fight and flight response. It can be acute or chronic, productive or destructive, harmful or harmless. The stressors have varied from generation to generation in physical, environmental, and psychological forms. It can be from simple wake-up alarms in the morning to countless deadlines in the day to day life. Though Stress on a positive side helps in improving our productivity; mismanagement or negative stress results in vitiating the Vata factor in physical stress vitiates pitta in psychological stress and there can be Tridosha vitiation in environmental causes of stress.

The word stress was used first in the 1930s by Selye as a part of his experiments in psychology, where he summarised that stress and stressors were born out of the instinct of human beings when they struggle to work to achieve their benefit.

 How do I know if I am stressed?

  • Do you get panic easily?
  • Are you a hyperactive person yet lonelier in society?
  • Do you have constant aches, pains, and upset stomachs?
  • Do you have sleepless nights?
  • Do you have frequent infections and low immunity?

Stress is the body’s way of reacting to a condition through multiple organ systems, releasing cortisol and altering memory functions, immune function, metabolism, and susceptibility to diseases. The effect of stress is mainly based on the type of stressors, age, and general health of a person.


Ayurvedic stress busters for a healthy mind and body

1. Dinacharya for a healthy mind:

Dinacharya means the daily routines that we should follow for a disciplined life. First to start with, fix your biological clock, and regularize the sleeping pattern and wake-up time because late nights can vitiate Vata and late mornings and day sleep can vitiate Kapha. For the ultimate balance of Tridosha, wake up before sunrise, offer prayer to god and go with your hygiene practices. Drink a glass of warm water, after brushing use sesame oils and medicated herbal oils for gargling which can improve blood circulation to the area and refresh the gums. Medicated nasal oils and collyrium can be applied daily. Apply medicated oil to the vertex and inside palms and soles daily before bath. This rejuvenates the entire nervous system providing the energy required to calm the body’s senses, mind, and soul for the whole day.

2. Wish yourself a good day:

Set your biological clock from the start of the day, start with the Dinacharya, do self-massages, and exercise your mind and body, with yoga and pranayama because these systematic daily routines can have a tremendous impact on your health and brain. Regular routines help in releasing endorphins helpful in managing stressful situations; it pacifies Agni the metabolic fire which is the base for all metabolic functions in our body

3. Take time to heal your body.

Ayurvedic foundational principles hold OJAS as the ultimate essence of the body. The accelerating fight and flight response of the stress can energize as well as drains the brain resulting in the uplift or deterioration of Ojas. So your body and biological clock should be well set to manage any of these undesirable situations. Take control over your smoking and alcohol habits if any. Eat a diet rich in balanced nutrients. Love your relationships. Trust yourself. You are the best. Use your sense organs judiciously. Carefully select your relations and friend circles. A day out with your loved ones is a great stress buster. Enjoy your hobbies. Manage your sleep routines.

4. Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic treatments for stressful life

Herbal treatments for relieving stress include anti-stress massages, Abhyanga (oil massage), Sirodhara (pouring warm medicated oil on forehead), and Thalam (application of medicinal paste on vertex). These herbal treatments along with Panchakarma help in managing oxidative stress which can lead to rapid tissue degeneration and deterioration of the functions of sense organs. The Panchakarma treatment will help in revitalizing all cells and tissues protecting them from free radicals.

5. Supportive herbs, Diet and Rasayana

Medicinal treatment includes decoctions, powders, and tablets with Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Satavari, Shankhupushpi, Mandookaparni, Gooseberries, Peppers, Ginger, Turmeric, Milk, and Ghee. These herbal Rasayana are nervine tonics that can retard brain aging and help in the regeneration of neuronal tissues making your regular diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and essential fats. Include more fruits and veggies in your daily diet avoiding junk food. Always eat a diet rich in antioxidants and nourished with the six rasas mentioned in Ayurveda. These drugs and diet patterns are proven antioxidants, immunomodulators, and anti-depressants. Always be better late than never.

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