What Is Calcaneal Spur?

A Calcaneal Spur Is Also Called A Heel Spur. Calcaneus Is The Heel Bone. When It Is Met With Constant Pressure, Calcium Deposition Occurs Beneath This Bone And If The Pressure Continues, The Deposition Takes The Shape Of A Spur, Causing Pain. The Characteristic Feature Is Pain On Standing Or While Walking. People Who Walk On Uneven Surfaces Or Need To Stand For A Long Time Cause Pressure Beneath The Heel Bone Thus Finally Triggering Calcaneal Spur.

A Calcaneal Spur Is The Growth Of Calcium Around The Ligaments And Tendons Of The Foot, Growth Will Be Starting From The Bone Towards The Flesh Of The Foot.
This Condition Is Known As Vatakantaka Or Padakantaka In Ayurveda. The Term Consists Of Two Words Vata And Kantaka Where ‘Kantaka’ Refers To Thorn And Vata Refers To Vata Dosha. The Pricking Pain Is Felt Due To Vitiated Vata.

What Happen With Your Foot?

A Small Sack Of Fluid Is Present Between The Heel Bone And Fat Pad. The Continuous Rubbing Of The Bone Over The Deep Tissue Results In The Inflammation Of The Surrounding Tissue And Also The Bursa Leading To The Condition Called Calcaneal Bursitis.

Causative Factor For Calcaneal Spur

  • Walking On Irregular Or Uneven Ground
  • Structural Deformity Of The Foot Causing Increased Pressure On Heels
  • Excessive Strain On Heels, Standing Or Walking For Long
  • Usage Of Hard Footwear Or Shoes
  • Prolonged Pressure Over The Heel Or Ankle Joint
  • Also This Occurs Due To The Anatomical Changes In The Heel Bone

The Main Cause For Origin Is Continuous Stress On The Heel Bone Which Eventually Leads To Calcification Of The Soft Tissue Around The Heel.


Symptoms Of Heel Spur Are A Pain In The Heel And The Surrounding Region, After A Long Rest If The Patient Stands Up And Feels Sudden Heel Pain, It Is More Evident While Moving Soon After Waking Up In The Morning. An Increase In Heel Pain Is Also Observed During Long-Standing, Running, And Continuous Walking.


X-Ray And Physical Examination.

Treatment At Pranava Kerala Ayurveda Clinic

Ayurvedic Treatment Of Foot Conditions Focuses On Treating The Root Cause Of The Pain And Inflammation. This Condition Can Be Treated With Special Internal Medicines To Disintegrate The Bony Projection Which Causes The Pain, Different Heat Modalities Are Indicated Along With Some Spot Techniques To Remove The Cause. Also Includes Treatments To Help Reduce Inflammation And Restore Balance Alongside Rest, Specific Yoga Postures And Certain Herbal Preparation Can All Be Used As Part Of A Comprehensive Treatment Program.

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Tips To Relieve Pain

Use Very Soft Footwear, During Winter And Rainy Seasons, Avoid Walking Barefooted Inside The Home, And Do Calf Muscle Exercises And Foot Muscle Exercises Which Make The Muscles Strong And Act As A Cushion And Thus Eventually Avoid Irritation Or Pressure On The Calcaneus Bone. In Case Of Severe Pain, Putting An Ice Pack Helps To Relieve Heel Pain Quickly.

Take A Hot Water Tub And Dip Your Legs In It For 3 Minutes, Before Taking A Bath.

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