Health Benefits of Downward Facing Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to strengthen the whole body

Hello The Ayurveda readers, today we will talk about an asana that strengthens your shoulder, legs, spine, etc. This yoga asana strengthens your whole body. It is known as “Downward Facing Dog Pose”. In Sanskrit, we call it Adho Mukha Svanasana. Adho means down, Mukha means face, and svan means dog. So the pose name is downward facing dog pose.

Health benefits of Downward Facing Dog pose

If you observe, it is one of the parts of Sun Salutation (Surya namaskar). Let us see how it will benefit us if we do it 5-10 times every morning. Here are the health benefits in short:

  1. Aids in Weight loss
  2. Keeps mind and brain calm
  3. Helps in combating migraine
  4. Helpful in back pain
  5. Strengthens the arm and shoulders
  6. Improves Skin glow
  7. Helps in recovering from cold and cough
  8. Strengthens waist area
  9. Relief in ear-related problems
  10. Diabetes cure
  11. Prevents hair fall
  12. It also helps relieve symptoms of Sinusitis.
  13. You can also get rid of Flat feet by practicing this pose
  14. Very beneficial for lung disorders like Asthma.
  15. Reduces chances of headache and migraine

How to perform Downward-facing Dog pose

There are many ways to perform it. I will share one of the easiest ways. Inhaling and exhaling can be exercised also while doing this pose. But I will try to keep it simple.

Step 1

  1. Stand like tadasana or mountain pose on the yoga mat
  2. Make a position that resembles like a dog
  3. Hand and should fall straight
  4. Face straight as if you are looking at some object
  5. Knee and hip should align

Step 2

  1. Lean in front like you are going to touch the ground
  2. Make hands and head in an inclined way (45-degree angle?)

Step 3

  1. Now move upward by holding the ground with your feet and hands
  2. Try to keep as much space as possible between legs and hands

Step 4

  1. It should look like a triangle from a side view
  2. You should be looking at your knees or legs

Who should not practice downward facing dog pose

  1. People who suffer from stiff or weak back muscles, tight hamstrings, sciatica, or knee problems.
  2. Struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  3. People suffering from hypertension, and inflammation of the eyes and ears.
  4. Those with chronic inflammation or injury to the arms, wrists, shoulders, back, hips, knees, legs, or ankles.

Caution: If you are not sure how to do a downward-facing dog pose, better learn it first from an expert yoga coach.