Take care of your spine with Yoga pose- Janusirsasana

Our spine is the part which makes us enable to stand straight. Now keep your back and spine flexible and fit with Yoga pose Janusirsasana. Today we will be talking about the yoga pose which mostly deals to keep your back fit.

What is Janusirsasana?

Janusirsasana also called Head to knee pose, is a yoga pose which mostly gives pressure on your back. It is the part of ashtang yoga and is done in different styles. The name is derived from Sanskrit word; janu = knee
sirsa = head and asana = pose.

Steps for Janusirsasana:

In order to do the yoga pose correctly, you need to follow all the steps correctly and under the proper guidance of a yoga instructor.

  1. Sit in Dandasana, and fold right leg and place the toe near the beginning of the left thigh.
  2. Place the ankle near the mid portion of the genitals and rectum.
  3. While holding the toe of the left leg with both the hands, exhale and touch the head with the right knee.
  4. After holding on this position for some time, get up with inhaling.
  5. Repeat the same with other leg also.

Benefits of Janusirsasana:

  • Increases potency and enhances reproductive power.
  • It improves the tone of muscles and makes it flexible.
  • It is good to strengthen your spine and vertebral column.
  • Awakens your nerves and enhances blood supply.

Contradictions for Janusirsasana:

  • If you are suffering from any sort of knee injury, then better stay aware to do this.
  • Patients with asthma and other respiratory disorders, should not perform this.
  • It should be avoided during pregnacy and on the days of menstruation.

So this was the overall description about Janusirsasana. Hope you like the post, share this to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!