Yogasana to tone internal organs- Markatasana

Yoga is one of the very powerful as well as the efficient therapy to massage our whole body. After doing asanas and such practices, our body starts sweating. It doesn’t mean that our hands and legs are only toned; it means that our full body including internal and external organs have been massaged and are getting benefited. Here we will talk about such asana which is specially meant to do the same.

So guys, here our concerned topic will be a yogasana called ‘Markatasana‘. Many of you must not be getting what is this. Well, have a look at the following description and you will get how and what is called Markatasana.

What is Markatasana?

Markatasana is a yogasana that normally means ‘Monkey pose’ or ‘Twist Monkey pose’. In this very asana, your body looks like those of a sleeping or resting monkey. The name has been derived and made from two Sanskrit words called Markat which means ‘monkey‘ and asana which means pose or posture. It is a well-suited and excellent yoga pose for all, especially beginners.

So now, let’s see how to do this asana and its other descriptions.

Steps for Markatasana:-

  • For attempting markatasana, lie on your back.
  • Join toes and heels together.
  • Bend your knees and place your heels close to your buttocks.
  • Both the feet are resting on the ground.
  • Place your left hand under your head and your right hand under your left hand.
  • Join your knees together, both the feet together (toes and heels together) for the entire duration of this asana.
  • While inhaling, bend your knees and legs to the right and neck to the left.
  • Try to touch your knees to the floor on the right side. Look to the left as far as possible.
  • Hold on to this position as long as you feel comfortable. Initially, if you are not able to touch your knees on the floor, bend your knees till you are comfortable.
  • Your hands, arms, and shoulders should rest firmly on the ground and should not move while turning your knees or neck
  • Now exhale and come back to the starting position.
  • Now do this asana to the other side. While inhaling, bend your knees and legs to the left and neck to the right.
  • Stay on the pose for a few minutes then come back to your normal standing pose.

Now we shall be moving to the benefits of Markatasana.

Benefits of Markatasana:-

  • One who practices Markatasana regularly always stays toned-up. Their body and internal organs are regularly massaged and remain free from ailments.
  • Markatasana gifts you a flexible spine.
  • It Develops memory, increases self-knowledge, and enhances creativity.
  • It is one of the best ways to cure back pain and other severe pains.
  • Increases elasticity of the body as well as the muscles.

So in this way, we saw the descriptions of Markatasana. It is an extremely good yogasana for all. So, take care and live well!