Yogasana to reduce waist fat- Tiryak Bhujangasana

When we start getting fat, our waistline increases then it continues with the rest body parts. Today we will be telling you about a Yoga pose that is meant to reduce waist fat. It is called Tiryak Bhujangasana.

It is a form or twisted pose of Bhujangasana; a Snake pose.

What is Tiryak Bhujangasana?

Tiryak Bhujangasana is the twisted form of the Serpent pose which is made of two words. Here, Tiryak means swaying and Bhujang means a snake.

How to do this pose?

Doing this pose is quite similar to Bhujangasana. To do this properly, you need to follow the instructions well, under the guidance of a yoga instructor.

  1. Lie down on your stomach and keep both hands on either side of the chest, close to the shoulders.
  2. The elbows should be touching the sides and raised.
  3. While keeping a distance of about one foot between the legs, keep the toes stretched backward.
  4. While inhaling, lift the chest.
  5. When the portion of your navel area is raised, look at the left heel over the right shoulder.
  6. While exhaling, come down.
  7. Repeat it from the left side.

These were the steps for Tiryak Bhujangasana, now we shall be moving to its benefits. Those are quite similar to bhujangasana but has some difference.

Benefits of Tiryak Bhujangasana:

  • It strengthens your spine, curbing all sorts of problems related to the spine and vertebral column.
  • It treats woman’s problems, related to the ovaries and uterus.
  • It strengthens your lungs and chest.
  • It reduces the waistline, giving you a slim-fit waist.

Contradictions for Tiryak Bhujangasana:

There are several precautions and contradictions related to the yoga pose, which are given below-

  • This yogasana is not suitable for a pregnant woman.

  • Those suffering from a back injury, or hernia should avoid it.

  • During the onset of the menstrual cycle, it should be avoided.

In this way, we saw the description of Tiryak Bhujangasana. Hope you like the post, share it with all, and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!