Yoga pose Kurmasana and its Health benefits

All the yoga poses and asanas are meant for their benefits. Yoga is a practice as well as a way to lead your life. Those who make Yoga an important part of their daily routine; are always seen as cheerful, happy, positive-minded, and healthy as well. Stretching of the body parts with the correct sequence of inhaling and exhaling is the basic requirement of Asanas. Here, we will be talking about “Kurmasana”.

What is Kurmasana?

Kurmasana also called “Tortoise pose” or “Turtle pose“ comes under the category of yogasana. The name has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kurma’ which means ‘a tortoise’. While performing this, your body resembles the shape of a tortoise, that is why it is named so. This asana is important to the spiritual discipline of Yoga. It develops a feeling of serenity. Well, it is quite difficult to perform, but with regular practice, it becomes easier.

Steps for Kurmasana:-

  1. To start with this, first, sit on the pose of Dandasana (Staff Pose).
  2. Now, spread out your legs as wide as you can.
  3. Bend your knees and with this put your arms under the bent knees.
  4. Continue to move your arms even across your legs till it reaches the back.
  5. Keep in mind, do not pressurize yourself. It can be bad for body parts.
  6. Keep the palms of your hands downwards while doing this.
  7. Now, slowly straighten your legs and use them to pull your shoulders towards the floor.
  8. Your forehead or chin should touch the floor; with the head hanging downwards.
  9. Hold this position for a few seconds, and keep on breathing in and out.
  10. Repeat this pose, 5-8 times as per your energy.

Benefits of Kurmasana:-

  • It has a very good effect on the spinal column and nervous system.
  • The abdominal part gets toned up with this pose.
  • One who regularly performs it is always recharged and full of energy.
  • It is also good for those suffering from cervical disorders and back problems.
  • It makes your spine elongated; thus improving your posture and correcting the deformities.
  • Any tightness present in the lumbar region is released with this pose.
  • With the practice of this pose, makes your body flexible and toned up.
  • It is also good for healthy respiration.

Contradictions for Kurmasana:-

The person suffering from the following disorders should avoid Kurmasana;

  • In the case of Herniated discs, it should be avoided.
  • If there is a strain in the lower back muscles; then this very yogasana can do much damage.
  • Pregnant ladies should not go for this
  • During menstruation, the Kurmasana yoga pose is not good.

So, in this way, we saw the points and benefits related to Kurmasana. Guys, one basic thing which you should own before doing any asana is; Patience. If you are going with asanas for the correction of some disorder then you must have patience. It is not like a tablet or syrup which will heal in a few minutes! It takes time but heals permanently. Strengthen your willpower and go with confidence! Take care and live well.