Vajrasana – A simple yogasana for digestion

Yoga is a kind of physical activity simply said as the ancient form of exercise which gives the insight to know more about the self. The dormant inner powers blossom to give complete bliss and an introduction to the true self. It enables one to meet the supreme soul and attain complete bliss. Indian sages have prescribed many methods to achieve this goal. There are different forms of Yog, but our concerned topic is on Asanas itself. We will be talking about Vajrasana which is one of the easiest yogasana to be performed.


Vajrasana is a sitting pose of Yoga that has been derived from the Sanskrit word vajra which means ‘thunderbolt’ or ‘diamond’. It is a kneeling position sitting on heels. It looks similar to the praying pose of Muslims. The practitioner will seem to sit in a normal kneel pose, but the heals will be focused. There is one more form of Vajrasana which is called “Supta-Vajrasana“. It is just about to bend backward.

How to perform Vajrasana:-

  • Fold both the legs and place the feet under the hips in such a way that both the heels are protruding outwards.
  • In this, the toes should be touching the hips. The heels must be in a flat position.
  • In this position, the thumbs of both the toes shall be touching each other.
  • The back, neck, and head should remain straight.
  • Knees should be touching each other with hands resting on the knees.
  • Sit on the pose for 3-5 minutes.
  • One must perform it 2-3 times or according to one’s capacity.

Benefits of Vajrasana:-

  • It is a kind of meditative asana that keeps your mental state normal and stable.
  • It helps in relieving pain in the knees, legs, and thighs too.
  • It is highly beneficial for kidneys.
  • It also cures displacement of the navel.
  • It provides relief from sciatic pain.
  • It helps to cure constipation, acidity, heartburning, and many other related disorders.
  • It makes your body flexible and toned up.

Contradictions for Vajrasana:-

Vajrasana should not be performed by those suffering from slipped discs or any kind of chronic back disorder. In this, the body has to remain straight. If you are having any problem related to neck or heals then avoid it.

Why is it a specialist in Digestion?

You all must be wondering why we wrote ‘digestion’ on the topic. Vajrasana is mainly meant for the treatment of digestion-related problems only. After having meals, you should perform this. It gives the best results. The timing and the straightness depend on your capability itself. Over-exertion of power can even worsen the condition. So, take care and live well!