Asana to strengthen spine- Halasana

Every yoga asana is meant for certain benefits and advantages. What are Yogasanas? These are nothing but the movement of hands, legs, and body parts with inhale-exhale action which makes it complete. Now, you must be wondering, how these simpler activities can be so beneficial and advantageous. Here, we will be talking about one of the most beneficial and easy-to-do asanas which are called “Halasana”.

What is Halasana?

Can any of you guess, what the name signifies? Halasana is made from two words; Hal or Plough and Asana. It is also called “Plough pose”. You must have noticed the plow that farmer uses in the field for agriculture. In this very asana, your body tends to be in the shape of a plough. It is easy to do and filled with benefits.

How to perform Halasana?


  • Lie down straight on your back. inhale and slowly lift the legs.
  • First up to 30 degrees than to 60 degrees and finally to 90 degrees.
  • Then take the legs to the back of the head by lifting the back, by exhaling.
  • Rest the toes on the floor behind the head and breath normally.
  • In the beginning, the hands can be used to support the back for comfort.
  • At the completion stage, keep the hands on the floor and stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  • While returning, repeat the same process by keeping the hands pressed on the floor and keeping the knees straight; while the heels touch the floor.

Benefits of Halasana:-

  1. It is especially useful for a backache when performed using one leg at a time.
  2. The spine is rendered healthy and flexible and the back muscles get extended and disease free.
  3. It activates the thyroid glands.
  4. It is helpful to remove obesity and stimulates height growth.
  5. It also cures body weakness.
  6. It is beneficial in dyspepsia, weak digestion, gas formation, constipation, spleen and liver enlargement, and heart disease.


Halasana or any other asana should be performed in the morning time only. Morning time is best suited for exercises and yoga practices. You can also perform it in the evening in an open place where an adequate amount of fresh air is entering. You should start it with 2-5 minutes then increase it for 15-30 minutes.

Precautions for Halasana:-

  • This asana should be avoided during pregnancy and menstruation.
  • Person with high blood pressure should avoid it.
  • Those suffering from brain problems should avoid it.
  • It should be avoided if suffering from an enlarged thyroid, cervical spondylitis, slipped discs, etc.

So, in this way, we saw how this very yogasana can be so beneficial. Add these to your schedule and see the magic of these! So, take care and live well!