Sirsasana yoga benefits Health

All the yoga asanas are meant for their benefits and advantages. These are just the practices of body movement and breathing processes. As we know, our brain masters our whole body. Today, we will be talking about a yogasana which mainly deals with brain development only. It is ‘Sirsasana‘ which is also called the headstand pose.

What is Sirsasana?


Sirsasana or the head stand pose is the most important among inverted asanas. In Sanskrit the word ‘sirsha’ means ‘head’ and ‘asana’ means pose. Sirsasana is considered the king of all asanas and is usually done at the end of the yoga asana practices. It is quite tougher to do and regarded as the hardest of all, but with regular practicing, it becomes easier and more satisfactory to practice. Now, we will be describing the other details of Sirsasana like the steps, advantages, and contradictions.

Steps for Sirsasana:-

  1. Adopt a kneeling position and rest the forearms on the ground in front.
  2. Join the hands and interlace the fingers; place them on the head so that the section between the crown and the forehead is touching the ground.
  3. Raise the hips and gently bring the feet nearer the head, so that the torso part may be lifted.
  4. Raise the feet by bending the knees then stretch the legs until the whole body forms a vertical line.
  5. Breath regularly and direct the attention to the brain.
  6. Remain in the posture for as long as one feels comfortable.
  7. To come down, bend the knees, then the body at the hips, and lower the legs until the feet and knees are touching the ground.
  8. Relax in the starting position, but support the head by placing fists on the top.

Note:- At the beginning, this posture should be held for a maximum of 5 seconds, then the time may be increased by 5 seconds a week, up to 3 minutes.

Sirsasana Benefits:-

  • It can help with the management of asthma.
  • It increases the general vitality of the body.
  • By regular practice of this asana, you will get a deep sleep. It purifies the blood so you can get unlimited concentration power.
  • Brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and all other organs will get the energy through the bloodstream so that the organs can improve their functioning.
  • So that the organs can function without any diseases. And you can get more concentration power.
  • This asana will bring out all the toxins from the brain’s functioning nerves.

Contradictions for Sirsasana yoga:-

Yet, it is highly beneficial but there are several warnings ad contradictions related to Sirsasana. Some of them are listed below-

  • If you are a beginner at this asana you should do this with the support of the wall.
  • To do this as asana under a trainer is always good.
  • If the person has abdomen and spinal cord pain should avoid this asana.
  • Those with high blood pressure and weak heart should not go with this.
  • Those suffering from fragile eye capillaries or earache should not practice this asana.

So, in this way, we saw the steps, advantages, and contradictions. These are nothing but the natural way to stay fit and young always. Take care and live well!